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Let's Dive In.


About Me

Let's take a walk on the dark side. In soil, there are nutrients. In the night sky there are stars. In fire, light and warmth. In falling apart, wisdom and renewal. As a counselor, I am interested in helping people explore the tension and contradiction of being human. 

Counseling is a collaborative relationship, where we roll up our sleeves to build a container that can hold us while we explore what we've turned away from and reclaim the parts of ourselves we had to cut off to keep putting one foot in front of the other. When we reclaim the rejected and the unclaimed parts of ourselves, we just might be surprised with deep joy, curiosity, emotional courage and life shifting compassion.


I'm an explorer at heart, literally and figuratively. I've explored careers from music, to manufacturing, to admin to tech. I've summited mountains, lived all over the US and I can't seem to get enough when it comes to learning about the ingredients that go into to humaning.


Interested in more of the nuts and bolts of my approach? I use an integrative framework, combining evidence-based practices, including Cognitive Behavior Therapy (CBT), EMDR, somatic influenced Internal Family Systems (IFS), along with mindfulness, creativity, existential and nature based therapies to best meet client needs.


Specializing in Treatment for Depression, Anxiety and Life Transitions


Living with depression can be overwhelming and feel unfair. It may cause us to question whether or not we have what it takes to go on living. I bring expertise in helping clients learn how to manage symptoms of depression, connect with their gifts, build community and find purpose in life.


Anxiety can hold us back from going after the life we want. Excessive fear or worry is not only deeply unpleasant, it can interfere with our relationships, our careers and even our play time. It's a well meaning friend, trying to protect us, who has taken things too far. Anxiety asks for our attention, to heal what is driving our fears, so that it can take a back seat and watch us thrive.


It's cliche, but it may be true that the only constant is change. Yet, somehow we often expect we are going to arrive at a point in life where we've got everything together, handled, indefinitely. Life's transitions can be painful and overwhelming at times. With help and support, we can learn to move through transitions with more agility and create positive changes we could never have seen coming.

Who I Work With


Surviving and thriving in our teen years can be one of our biggest challenges in life. As we straddle childhood and adulthood we can struggle to gain ownership of our identity and have difficulty learning to shoulder the new responsibilities that come with growing up. In some cases, we might have already accumulated significant trauma and be lost under the weight of it. These years can also be full of passion, drive and excitement. I specialize in providing support for adolescents to explore the difficulties they face and work towards healing on their own terms.


I'm not sure where we got the impression that once we hit adulthood we'd have things all figured out. As adults, we go through many different life stages and the challenges for each stage come in all shapes and sizes. Sometimes we feel we are going backwards, or maybe we've been drifting along just fine and something new happens that we just didn't see coming, or perhaps the way we've been coping is mysteriously just not working anymore. Whatever the case, it's never too late to reach out for support, dig in and get help creating the life you want to live.


Later adulthood comes with some incredible hard earned rewards, things like wisdom, perspective and confidence; but it can also be marked with grief, loss of purpose or identity, health challenges and the strains of care-giving. It is my privilege to support older adults in working through the intense challenges that can arise later in life, in order to continue pursuing connection and deep satisfaction in life.

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